Just Saying


Lately I’ve been noticing new terms being used online, some I would understand and some I have to google it while convincing myself that I’m not that old. Not only words but also few YouTube channels that is based on trolling or roasting as some would say. Being in a different generation, I find this new territory quite harsh.

We were raised in an environment without being connected to the internet and it gave us an advantage of developing normal social attributes and being nice. One of the things that irritates me with the current era is that we are becoming really mean and cruel to each other. While we hide behind screens when we type things we normally won’t say in public, it’s easy to insult others and bully each other. Now that everyone even kids are exposed to these terms and actions, they think it’s okay to tell someone “Kill yourself” which I think it’s incredibly cruel.

For some reason we think that hiding behind a screen gives us an armor that we won’t get hurt, the more known a person is, the more acceptable for us to insult and be judgmental in regarding looks or personality. Does such acts satisfy us in a way we think it’s acceptable now ? Have we shed the nice attitude when we are online because to us they don’t deserve it ? And in the end we’ll title this freedom of speech and just want to say our opinion even if it was useless or mean.

3 thoughts on “Just Saying

    • and the sad part most of these people who comment are kids who just use most horrible words and bad words I wouldn’t use as an adult


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