What I Think About Mana Khemia


Few days ago I posted that I was playing Mana Khemia and I was 50 hours into it. I recently managed to beat it and boy that took me 76 hours, that would be considered normal for a JRPG. I’ll try reviewing this game without spoiling anything. In case you didn’t know how JRPG work I suggest checking this mini guide written on Toy Computer blog it literally sums up every JRPG ever.

So the game was released back in 2007 on PS2 so I used an emulator and a PS3 controller to play it on my laptop. I personally enjoy older JRPGs because I feel they have a better and longer storyline compared to nowadays games. Mana Khemia is a game where you grind EXP just to get confident enough to progress in the main events, the game offers side quests as jobs to earn EXP and of course money.


The battle system is turn based and getting armor, weapons and usable items would be by using alchemy and recipes for each item. Also getting the ingredients for each recipe can be bothersome at times because you’ll have to go and gather them from multiple places which gives the game a slightly larger world to explore.
snapchat--8247258415328781105Dialogues are hilarious at some points which was quite enjoyable for me. I liked the Japanese voice-over though, I guess it’s more true to the game in my opinion. So as the story follows the main character Vayne and before each chapter starts, a small talk would play with a black screen to hint about his past which all will get uncovered by the end of the game obviously.

I honestly got confused by the ending, it played out awkwardly at some point but I actually liked it. This game has multiple endings and it depends how you choose to spend the free days, and finishing character quests. I got the Nikki ending, she’s just fun and her song was locked in my head for days.

I would rate this game 8/10 and I totally recommend it
Next game I’m gonna try to beat would be Dark Cloud 2

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