Types of Girls in Ramadan


I was considering posting this when Ramadan started 15 days ago till I saw Caffeinated and Opinionated post and I thought I don’t want to write something similar to it so I decided to write it based on my observation on girls specifically. I’ll admit that I’m guilty of few of these types honestly.

  •  The “I gotta tell everyone I’m not fasting” Type
    These girls have their periods so they are not fasting but they don’t keep this to themselves, they have to tell everyone in subtle context or by snapping on Snapchat that she’s eating or drinking.
  • The “Look I’m cooking” Type
    One of Ramadan best things is the food, and some foods are only made during this time so we gotta cherish this moment by showing everyone that we are cooking which only happens during this time. Some girls would cook and just take a picture after they are done but some likes to record the whole thing with ingredients and all even though I can tell you for sure it’s gonna be a dessert because it’s the easiest thing for them.
  • The “I’m turning extra religious just for Ramadan” Type
    These girls are so dedicated in showing everyone how religious they are by changing their WhatsApp display picture to something related to Ramadan and also posting on social media verses of Quraan and Duaa’s. Some would take that further step by snapping on snapchat an opened Quraan like ‘look at me I’m reading’ 
  • The “I’m gonna sleep all day” Type
    This type of girls would stay up all night eating and watching series till dawn then sleep after the sun raises till sunset. I used to be like that before I got married, me and my sister would stay up all night watching horror movies till the sun raises.
  • The “I’m hungry therefore I’m angry” Type
    I absolutely hate this type of people not only girls, I get it we all are fasting and tired as our energies getting drained but some would be a total jerk and get impatient over small things. Like when I’m going to work, people would abuse the car horn just because there’re traffic jams, seriously what do you expect me to do ? Squeeze my car on the side so you would TRY to pass other stopping cars ?

These are the types I can currently think of but I’m sure there are more that I missed. If you have more types to add, let me know on the comment section below. Have a blessed Ramadan.

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