Dresslink First Impression


I’ve been hearing about this website for quite some time now from youtubers I follow, where you can buy clothes and other things for crazy cheap prices like $0.01 USD and I kid you not. So I thought is this website for real or a scam, I mean surely there’s some sort of catch in this website. I decided to try it out and bought few items to test out the quality of these clothes.SV027765-1

Stylish Women Casual Loose Round Collar 3/4 Sleeve Contrast Color Lace Patchwork Tunic Tops Blouse

Price: US$ 5.59
Color: Blue
This blouse was my favorite from the items I chose, it’s super comfy and the fabric quality is really good I was surprised. I bought it in size L just to be safe because I know asian sizes are a bit smaller.

Rate: 5/5


New Women’s Stylish Hollow Out Back Round Collar Short Sleeve T-shirt Tops 2 Colors 3 Sizes

Price:  US$ 2.33
I got this shirt because I loved the wings cut out. The shirt has a light cotton material and the cut out was exactly as the picture. I also got this in size L again because I don’t trust asian sizes but it fits me well.

*the item is no longer available

Rate 5/5 


Women’s Lady Jeggings Stretch Skinny Leggings Tights Pencil Pants Jeans

Price: US$ 1.65
Color: Black
These leggings were free sized so I skeptical that it would actually fit me since I recently gave birth and my thighs aren’t that slim yet as before but they actually fit me well, I can say it’s slightly see-through when stretched. The leggings basically got jeans print on them and they are comfy actually.

Rate 4/5

9533-2Women’s Girls Long Sleeve Bottoming Shirt O-Neck T-shirt Solid Top

Price: US$ 3.68
Color: Khaki
This shirt is also free sized, I can say it seems M size to me. The material is thicker than the other items so it’s good for more colder climate. It was tight fit to my body shape but I didn’t mind although I would’ve chosen a larger size.

*the item is no longer available

Rate 4/5

I made the order on 06/06/2016
Received on US aramex account on 20/06/2016

The total price of the four items: US$ 13.25
I chose ePacket Rates with tracking number: US$ 9.39
Discount Cash Coupon for new members:US$ 1.99
Overall Total:US$ 20.65

Overall, the items I received were in a really good condition and the quality is pretty good. I’m thinking to try buying other things from them like shoes and bags and I might post my review as well. Did you ever buy from website before ?

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