My Piercings Stories

I absolutely love piercings, it’s like an obsession for me. Before giving birth, I had seven piercings on my ears. On my right ear I had two ear lobe and a tragus piercings, on my left ear I had three ear lobe and a helix piercings. I say “had” because during labor when I was taken to the delivery room, the nurses asked me to take off all jewelry and then when I was discharged I wore my earrings except the helix and tragus earrings so they completely healed and disappeared. I still regret doing that because I miss having them and I’m honestly planning to redo them. Anyway I want to mention that I did all of my piercings with the gun and before you jump saying how horrible the piercing gun is, I had no problems at all and they healed properly without any infection.

First ear lobe piercing

I was too young to remember this because my mother had me pierced when I was three months old but I remember her saying that it was in a gold shop.

94617c6aa4a9196748ae94ecaa67abfaSecond ear lobe piercing

I had my second ear lobe piercing when I was 14. I was into a comic back then titled “W.I.T.C.H” and I liked one of the main characters’ style her name was Irma. I was fascinated by her style that I wanted to be like her I guess and she had two ear piercings. So after annoying my mother for months, she finally agreed and took me to a clinic where I had my piercing done.

Belly button piercing

The reason why I didn’t mention this piercing in my intro is because I didn’t go through it fully. We don’t have a tattoo/piercing store in my country so going to a clinic or a gold shop is your only options to get a piercing. I wanted to have one anyway so yup I did try doing it with a gun as well BUT here’s what happened, I was sitting on the bed as the doctor was about to pierce. When she pulled the trigger, it didn’t go all the way in so she tried to push the stud needle through my skin to reach the other side as you may call it and that’s when I started feeling dizzy and slowly started to faint. Cartilage-PiercingThe doctor just stopped and told me it’s a bad idea to do that, of course I had to rest for a while to regain myself. Part of me wanted to go through that again, I only wish there was a piercing store here so I would properly do it with a needle.

Third ear lobe and helix piercing

I got these two piercing on the same day and obviously in a clinic as usual and it was around the time where I was engaged so my husband didn’t know that much of my piercing obsession because I didn’t tell him or showed him back then. Needless to say he was shocked and didn’t expect that side of me. I guess it’s not that common finding an Omani girl with lot of piercings or I could be totally wrong because we wear hijab and hide that part.

tragus-piercing-10Tragus piercing

Now by this time, my husband was aware of my so-called bragging trophy of ear piercings and I think he tried so hard to hide that he didn’t like it but I knew. During our honeymoon, when we were in Malaysia I spent some time alone shopping around while he was at the movies. I saw a kiosk that had a sign saying “Piercing (Ear, Nose, Belly button)” and I instantly just went there and told them I want a tragus piercing and it happened.  I wouldn’t say it was painful as everyone seem to think and totally freak out when they first saw it, it’s less painful than the helix piercing.

Few days after I had my tragus piercing, I found a tattoo store that also does piercings and it was called Zoo Body Art. I asked one of the piercers there to change the stud earring I had on my helix and tragus to a captive ring and a barbel so they would heal properly. He redid the piercings with a needle in the right gauge size for both and inserted the appropriate jewelry for that and it was painful a bit for the tragus since it was still new and not healed well.

So these are my piercings stories and I honestly miss having my helix and tragus piercings, I feel I lost part of who I am just because I thought being a mother means I should let go of such things. I’m going to take my sister to a salon that does piercing by tomorrow because she wants to get her nose pierced and I’ll probably get few piercings on my ear as well, I really miss that. Do you have any piercings ? Share you story with me and link it in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “My Piercings Stories

  1. Hello! I have a labret piercing and my experience was not that great. My piercer used a numbing spray that burned the skin around my labret piercing, so my skin started flaking and it got itchy. Luckly enough, another piercer helped me and now my labret is a lot more healthy. I used diaseptyl to clean which helped me a lot. I talk about it in my blog
    I’m also streatching my ear lobes 😀
    I have many piercings planned, I want a tragus and daith piercing, a belly button piercing, a medusa and a cheek piercing. I can’t have them now because I have no money for it :/

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