Glossybox – November 2016 Unboxing


I love Glossybox … Did I ever mention that ? I do love it. I know I’m late in posting this but as you know I was out of the country for 2 weeks and I got this box later last week along with Loot Gaming and OwlCrate which I’ll be posting about also this week hopefully. Anyway November box has the beauty essentials to start the holiday giving season and honestly it has a bit for everything …


Pssst! The True Original Dry Shampoo
I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like dry shampoos because they don’t really benefit my hair in any way but I’ve read some good reviews on this dry shampoo so I’m willing to try it out someday but I still don’t like dry shampoos.

Palmetto Derma Rejuvenating Antioxidant Mask
So after spending almost 10 minutes trying to open this tube and finally apply it on my face, I can safely say that I really love this mask. It left my skin really soft and clear, it tingles a little when applied and it left my skin slightly red but I usually get that when I try masks in general.


Lycopene Skin Care Crema Rinnovante
This cream apparently nurture, protect, rehabilitate and renew the skin obviously I needed this so bad. I’m going to continue using it till it’s done so I can say my opinion on it, basically if it makes it to the December favorites post then it got my approval. I like that the skin absorbs it fast and I don’t think it’s perfumed because I can’t smell anything.

De Bruyère Beauté Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble 07
This eye pencil is shimmery with khaki grey-ish color, I like it because it can be blended to be lighter if it looks too dark. I normally don’t use eye pencils but since Glossybox keep sending them, I started using them and I do like them.


Crush by Rihanna
The final item is definitely my favorite, it’s a rollerball perfume which I’m going to keep it in my bag since it’s small sized and smells absolutely amazing. It’s fruity with a hint of floral and that’s practically my type of perfume, I want to get the full size already.

Overall, Glossybox never disappointed me so far. I love every item in this box specially the perfume and I would say the dry shampoo is my least favorite.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day.


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