January Favorites + Giveaway Winner

Well January has been quite … busy for me. I was trying to balance my work with my family and it took time for me to adapt, I can’t yet accept any courses offered from my work to enhance my skills since it’ll require me to travel away from my husband and son or take more of my time. I think I’ll be more comfortable if my son is at least two years but till then I’m not ready to focus on my needs just yet.

The giveaway has ended last night and the winner is …


Thank you so much for everyone who entered the giveaway and I’ll do more soon, you can always contact me using the tab above. 

I think I’ve set to myself a resolution for 2017 and haven’t really realize it till recently, I’ve tried to do and experience new things out of my comfort zone which also apply to my makeup choices as well so here’s my January favorites.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte (Venus)

I’m so in love with this lipstick. It’s a nude shade with a beautiful matte effect and it’s long lasting which is always a huge plus, it’s almost like Kylie Candy K shade. I’ve been using it everyday now when I go to work, it makes me look more human I guess.


I’d Rather Be A Mermaid Sugar Scrub Cubes

I got this from MerLady box and I’ve been a fan ever since I started using it. It smells amazing and it leaves my skin really soft and hydrated.


Song of the Month


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