MerLady Box – Bohemian MerBabe


It’s here my favorite subscription box and I’m so excited to unbox it because the theme was intriguing and I’m totally into it.


Mermaid Lip Balm by RAW INC.

I couldn’t find anything about this brand to link it but I’m seriously in love with this lip balm. Like the previous one that was sent out in March, it leaves the lips soft and doesn’t give that shiny end, also it’s made out of raw ingredients so I was sold.

MerLady Squad Necklace by DINGLEHOPPER DECOR

This beautiful bar necklace with “MerLady Squad” engraved is so pretty. I really like this type of jewelry, it’s simple but looks quite elegant.

Mermaid Soap Gems by TailoredSoap

The soap gems came in three types Amethyst, Emerald and Opal, and they look as beautiful as the pictures. I honestly just want to stare at them and not use them from how gorgeous they are.

Bangle Set by MerLady Box

I’m obsessed with bangles and bracelets, I’m so in love with this set. It got cute starfish and octopus charms on some of the bangles, it definitely fits the bohemian theme of the box.

Mermaid Makeup Bag by MerLady Box

The last item is also by MerLady box shop and it’s a gorgeous bag with words written “Mermaids are my spirit animal” I can’t get enough of makeup bags from these subscription boxes, I gave it to my sister though because she was in love with it.

Overall, I love how MerLady is including their own products in the recent boxes, I’ve been enjoying them. I love the items they send out and would definitely continue my subscription with them.


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