The Time I Cancelled THAT Shipping Company

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile now as I’ve been in a roller coaster of unfortunate events with this specific company which I’m not going to name. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know instantly which company I’m referring to.


Let’s start from the beginning, I’ve been using this company for about 2 years now. I pay extra for their “services” when they ship my items that I bought online and I go to their office to receive those items when they arrive to my country. Sometimes their shipping payment is more than the actual item I bought, basically I’ve been paying way too much to this company for way too long.


Anyway I’ve been getting fed up lately since my packages has been coming a week late, sometimes even more and they don’t really provide a logical explanation to the customer at least informing us what’s going on. Fast forward to last month, I’ve got a notified that my package arrived to their office on 17th of May. On their website nothing was up on my account as if that package never arrived so I assumed the shipping address was mislabeled or something so I sent an email to THIS shipping company to check this issue. I described the package shape, what’s written on it, what’s inside it so they would know that’s mine.



I was like Ok, let’s try calling … No.One.Replied.

In fact the phones were off for days, I kept calling in morning and then evenings. No one answered…

I could’ve went to their office but it’s quite far from my location and their Ramadhan timing isn’t convenient for me and my current condition. I decided to contact their official Twitter handle and tell them about my package issue plus the poor customer service. They replied and said they’ll handle it don’t worry and give us 2 -3 days to add that package to your account so I could finally receive it. Guess what …



When finally someone replied to me when I called, I mentioned that my packages arrived last week and I need them to be delivered to my house since I’m pregnant it’s hard for me to come to the office. The guy wrote down my address and said they’ll be delivered today or tomorrow, then I mentioned about my package that hasn’t been added to my account for about two weeks now and I didn’t get any reply on email or call about it. The guy replied …. That’s another service which I’m not specialized in … wow wow wow


And then the next day, I finally got a reply for my emails that I spammed them everyday. While replying back and forth to the employee, I’ve honestly sent the tracking number almost three times to this person while he keeps asking me to send him the tracking number again. I don’t know if he’s just slow or I’m just super aggressive because I’m pregnant but that agitated me even more, and of course he stopped replying to me.

Meanwhile my packages that I mentioned earlier that was supposed to be delivered to my house got a status update that they are on the way. Six hours later, I see a status update “Customer not available, delivery rescheduled


I didn’t get any call and I was waiting the whole time for this delivery.


As usual I call for the next two days and I get no reply.

No update regarding my lost package and no one delivered my packages.

On the third day, I finally get a reply and I was livid and I wanted to lash on the employee who replied to me but I can’t put a blame on her when it’s a whole team who’s supposed to be working on this. So I told her everything and she was very sympathetic with me, in fact she was angry of how I got treated and how poor customer service has been. She pulled out the names of the people who updated my packages status that day when it was supposed to be delivered, she instantly took my packages to be delivered that day and she told the team to reply to my emails. Two hours later, my packages arrived to my house finally.


A day later, the lost package finally got added to my account. I’m very thankful for this lady who helped me, I really hope this company fixes this broken customer service team at least because these three weeks was very stressful for me to handle. Obviously I’m canceling this shipping company and I would never want to use them ever again, I rather pay extra for shipping with a different company than using them again.


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