Testing Facial Cleansing Brush


Originally I wanted to try LVL lash treatment since it’s been on my mind after I tried lash extensions a year ago. It’s much pricier but I thought if the process is worth it, I might just continue with it instead of the extensions. But it turned out I can’t do it because I’m pregnant and apparently it’s not good for breastfeeding ladies as well, probably because of the serum used to keep the lashes lifted and curled. I might consider doing it by next year if that’s the case, so I just changed my appointment to manicure since my nails need a little love and I don’t mind a free hand massage. When I was at the salon waiting for my turn, the hairdresser was talking to me and showing me this facial cleansing brush. I got interested because I’ve seen it in few ads and like the Pore Cleaner Vacuum, I wanted to test it out for myself.


The packaging is really nice to be honest, and it looks fancy. The device is made of silicon and it has two sides, a cleanser and a massager.

How Does it Work ?

It’s waterproof so it’s easy to clean after usage, you can use it after dampen your face and applying whichever cleansing product you like. There are two buttons to control the vibrating settings to whichever you’re comfortable using.

Does it Actually Work ?

I used it with my usual cleansing gel and the whole vibrating process was actually pretty relaxing. My skin seemed much smoother and the pores weren’t that visible as I’m used to see. I would honestly say this product worked well with me from the first use.

The Verdict

If you don’t want to pay over $100 for a facial cleanser, I highly recommend trying this product and adding it to your skincare routine because it really helps in reducing pore visibility and the whole cleansing process. Along with skincare, it’s also a relaxing massage device.

Have you ever used a facial cleansing device before ? Do you recommend it ?


Testing Pore Cleaner Vacuum

Originally I was planning to post March Glossybox but when I got it yesterday from Aramex office, I found out the packaging is really messed up and one of the items is missing. I’m sure one of Aramex workers messed up the packaging when he/she was checking the content of the box but I don’t know who to blame for the missing item. Anyway it was my last box before I cancelled it today since I’m getting overwhelmed with many products, I’ll reactivate it again soon enough.

I decided to post this review instead, it’s something I’m pretty sure you’ve seen floating on social media for awhile. I got it few months ago from LightInTheBox but it got discontinued, so I found it on eBay as well if you are interested.


How Does it Work ?

It’s a bit tricky and I would say it’s annoying, you have to gently press with your thumb on the cap that closes the battery area and it’ll stop working if you remove your finger so you got to hold it while using it.  While moving it around your skin, it supposed to have enough suction to clean the pores and remove blackheads.

Does it Actually Work ?

I have mixed feelings about it, it works but not as efficient as deep facials you get in salons. I would say it worked well on my T Zone but not as much as on my nose unless I keep my face in steam for awhile to keep my pores open. It’s more of a hustle to do that’s why I didn’t use it as much.

The Verdict

I don’t think it’s that useful if you’re looking for deep cleansing tools, the vacuum itself doesn’t have that much power to clean the pore without effecting the skin itself because it’ll give you red marks if you keep using it in one area.

Have you ever used this tools before ? What do you think about it ?


My Night Time Skincare Routine


I’m just going to flat out say it, you barely get some time for yourself when you become a mother. Motherhood is great and I feel like I’m running on my son laughter as a fuel through the day but it gets tiring and it shows on my face. That’s why I kept the night time as my me time  which I’m pretty sure every mother deserves. My face has been showing the tiredness signs ever since I gave birth, I’ve been too tired to actually do something about it. I’ve tried this routine for quite sometime now and it seems to be working well for me as my face looks more human now and less zombie-ish.

Step 1: Cleanser


I normally wouldn’t recommend a scrub to be used daily, maybe once or twice a week but Neutrogena was quite gentle on my skin specially this one.

Step 2: Serum


I posted about this serum before on the beauty finds post, it’s a Japanese product I got from a salon I used to go to and it works like a tonic but also refreshes my skin as it contains vitamin-c. It also removes any remaining makeup left on my face and neck.

Step 3 : Night Cream


For the last step I use this night cream, I love it because it moisturize my skin as it makes it softer. It makes my skin look quite radiant the next morning actually that I feel confident enough that I don’t need foundation or bb cream when I go to work.

Smooth Away Hair Removal. Does it Work ?


If you are fed up from waxing pains and razor burns, and can’t afford to get laser hair removal you would normally search for easier ways to remove unwanted hair. We always tend to search for less painful ways to remove hair which is nearly impossible as I tried most of them and I can say for sure, you’ll either use a painless methods that will last only a week or two days and give you ingrown hair and burns or you’ll go for painful methods which usually are expensive and obviously painful. I came across this product ‘Smooth Away‘ from a YouTuber referring it as a sandpaper thing that somehow removes hair and I got interested, and I started searching about it. If you see reviews of this product, it’s either no or a yes and I decided why not just try it.

So basically this product claims:

Removes hair instantly & pain free. Gently exfoliate while removing hair Safe for upper lip, sensitive areas and anywhere you need to remove hair No Razor Burn, No Chemicals, No Pain! Safe, & Painless Hair Removal

I mean it is too good to be true, right ? I ordered it anyway and decided to give it ago and here’s my experience with Smooth Away. There’s a grip plastic item which you stick a pad on it, the pad is like a sandpaper and there’re two sizes for that. The bigger one for larger area like your legs and smaller one for face or smaller areas. Basically you use this plastic piece in a circular motion three times clockwise then vice versa and so on, it removes hair and also exfoliate the skin. First time I tried it was on my face, I normally use threading method to remove my facial hair. Did it work ? Yes and it made my skin soft but, not all faces would have the same results. My mother used it and it gave her skin a bumpy dry feeling and it somewhat burns her.

I used the larger piece for my legs, it worked well but it takes a long time to do it. I normally watch a movie or something while I use this. Now some ladies say the hair grows finer than before but in my case it wasn’t as coarse as the razor usually leaves but it did grow back in like a week later. I’ve been using this product for almost a year and I honestly like it because it does keep my skin soft if I don’t feel like shaving or too lazy to go for my waxing sessions. I wouldn’t recommend using it in sensitive areas or underarms because it doesn’t removes hair that fast and it burns when you use it in the same area for a long time.

The verdict, it doesn’t work with everyone and it takes long time to do. I leave the decision for you. Have you tried these pads before ? If yes, how was your experience ?

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Beauty Finds

When I was pregnant, my skin got in a bad condition and some areas on my body were getting darker. It’s one of the things I don’t miss when I was pregnant so I was feeling insecure obviously after I gave birth because of the uneven skin tones and I do mean quite dark areas specially my neck. I tried way too many skincare products not only known brands so I decided to post my current favorite ones that worked for my skin.


Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel

I got this product on my Birchbox which I posted a review of few days ago but I didn’t had the chance to try it out so I didn’t write a review of it on that post. This peel is amazing and it made my face super soft that I couldn’t stop telling everyone about it. I highly recommend trying it out, I’m planning to buy the full-size from Birchbox.


Cauvery Herbal Face Pack

In my country we use sandal wood masks for beauty purposes and sometimes for soon to be brides like a tradition. So I got this product as a gift from an Indian lady and it wasn’t like a powder which we add water to as I’m used to it but it was packed with additional herbs and it takes a pasty form. It really helps in reducing acne and also the scars left by them, balances the tones of the face and leaves the face quite soft and clear. I should mention that it gives you a slight burning sensation when the paste is drying and it can leave your face a bit red after rinsing, if you have a sensitive skin.


MANUKA’S COSMET Bee Honey Cleansing

I bought this from a salon while I was pregnant and I liked it because it has more natural elements than chemicals. I used it as a daily cleanser and it leaves your skin clear, it doesn’t give any smell. I would recommend it if you want a natural choice of a cleanser than usual chemical ones.


SE100 Super Molt Essence – No.6 Vitamin-C

I bought this serum along with the Honey cleanser I mentioned above, it’s from a Japanese brand I guess because the description is written in Japanese. I used this serum after using the cleanser and it works like a toner in my opinion. I read somewhere that night creams work better with serums like this one so I take few drops mixing it with my night cream.


L’OREAL Paris White Perfect – Night Cream

This product is a must in my night skincare routine. I used it the day after I gave birth mainly because I wanted my neck to return to it’s original tone and makes it whiter along with my face and it worked. I use this every night before I sleep and I like that it doesn’t give you the heavy creamy feeling after applying and it gets absorbed by the skin pretty fast. Would totally recommend it for new moms for sure.

So these are the beauty finds that worked for my skin at the moment, I do enjoy trying new products to see what works best for me. Do you know any of these products ? If not what’s your favorite skincare routine necessities ?