The Time I Cancelled THAT Shipping Company

I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile now as I’ve been in a roller coaster of unfortunate events with this specific company which I’m not going to name. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know instantly which company I’m referring to.


Let’s start from the beginning, I’ve been using this company for about 2 years now. I pay extra for their “services” when they ship my items that I bought online and I go to their office to receive those items when they arrive to my country. Sometimes their shipping payment is more than the actual item I bought, basically I’ve been paying way too much to this company for way too long.


Anyway I’ve been getting fed up lately since my packages has been coming a week late, sometimes even more and they don’t really provide a logical explanation to the customer at least informing us what’s going on. Fast forward to last month, I’ve got a notified that my package arrived to their office on 17th of May. On their website nothing was up on my account as if that package never arrived so I assumed the shipping address was mislabeled or something so I sent an email to THIS shipping company to check this issue. I described the package shape, what’s written on it, what’s inside it so they would know that’s mine.



I was like Ok, let’s try calling … No.One.Replied.

In fact the phones were off for days, I kept calling in morning and then evenings. No one answered…

I could’ve went to their office but it’s quite far from my location and their Ramadhan timing isn’t convenient for me and my current condition. I decided to contact their official Twitter handle and tell them about my package issue plus the poor customer service. They replied and said they’ll handle it don’t worry and give us 2 -3 days to add that package to your account so I could finally receive it. Guess what …



When finally someone replied to me when I called, I mentioned that my packages arrived last week and I need them to be delivered to my house since I’m pregnant it’s hard for me to come to the office. The guy wrote down my address and said they’ll be delivered today or tomorrow, then I mentioned about my package that hasn’t been added to my account for about two weeks now and I didn’t get any reply on email or call about it. The guy replied …. That’s another service which I’m not specialized in … wow wow wow


And then the next day, I finally got a reply for my emails that I spammed them everyday. While replying back and forth to the employee, I’ve honestly sent the tracking number almost three times to this person while he keeps asking me to send him the tracking number again. I don’t know if he’s just slow or I’m just super aggressive because I’m pregnant but that agitated me even more, and of course he stopped replying to me.

Meanwhile my packages that I mentioned earlier that was supposed to be delivered to my house got a status update that they are on the way. Six hours later, I see a status update “Customer not available, delivery rescheduled


I didn’t get any call and I was waiting the whole time for this delivery.


As usual I call for the next two days and I get no reply.

No update regarding my lost package and no one delivered my packages.

On the third day, I finally get a reply and I was livid and I wanted to lash on the employee who replied to me but I can’t put a blame on her when it’s a whole team who’s supposed to be working on this. So I told her everything and she was very sympathetic with me, in fact she was angry of how I got treated and how poor customer service has been. She pulled out the names of the people who updated my packages status that day when it was supposed to be delivered, she instantly took my packages to be delivered that day and she told the team to reply to my emails. Two hours later, my packages arrived to my house finally.


A day later, the lost package finally got added to my account. I’m very thankful for this lady who helped me, I really hope this company fixes this broken customer service team at least because these three weeks was very stressful for me to handle. Obviously I’m canceling this shipping company and I would never want to use them ever again, I rather pay extra for shipping with a different company than using them again.


The Time a Bitch Tried to Ruin My Sister’s Wedding

Alright … I’m calm enough to do this.

Let’s pretend you are getting married, obviously you are nervous while getting your makeup and hair ready then all the sudden you realized your tiara and veil gone just like that. Of course you’d panic and it may ruin your day right ? Alright let me tell you what happened last week.

On the 4th of this month, it was my sister’s wedding day. We were all excited and happy for her and we all booked appointments for makeup and hair in the same salon (me and my sisters).


The girl who did our makeup was with us in college so we knew each other from before and she’s such a sweetheart (here’s her Instagram). Everyone was happy and we joked a lot while taking photos.


Anyway, my sister brought her tiara, veil and jewelry set in a small bag so the hairdresser would attach them while doing her hair. Now there was another bride getting ready in the salon and she had two ladies with her, her sister and a photographer who turned out to be a relative later on but we’ll get to that. Iman (the makeup artist) was feeling uncomfortable around them so that was the first red flag. By 6:30 pm we were almost done and my sister was getting her hair done, my other sisters were searching for the bag that has her veil and they couldn’t find it. We searched everywhere in that salon and we couldn’t find it. obviously my sister started panicking and wanted to cry.


My sister in law thought about the other bride who left an hour before, maybe she took it by mistake. The salon ladies got her number from the appointment date and we called her. The girl said that her photographer probably took it and she gave us her number, now this is where things got crazy.

Photographer: yeah I took it because I thought it was my relative’s stuff
Sister in law: Ok can you bring it back ? because it’s not her’s so return it to the owners.
Photographer (I mean Bitch): no it’s not my fault, I’ll just give the bag to my relatives and I don’t care.
Sister in law: It is your fault and you should return it back.

Bitch hang up the phone …



The salon workers were following all this drama and they were very angry because she’s a grade A bitch and disrespectful. We called her few more times and of course she didn’t answer, we called from different phones even and still no reply. My sister was on the verge of crying by this time because this girl is ruining her special day. We called the bride again to discuss this issue and it turns out they are from an area a bit further from us like 40 minutes drive.

We tried to make them agree to meet us at a middle point at least because we were getting late and I didn’t mind driving to get it, I just wanted my sister to be calm for her wedding. The lady kept refusing and didn’t want to deal with it, we decided to tell her that we’ll call the police because technically she took my sister’s belongings and refused to return them back. Obviously she got scared and she didn’t want to make this issue grow that big so she agreed to meet us at some park which is 20 minutes away.

So I went with one of my sisters and I remember that I drove so fast, I reached there in 8 minutes. When I parked in that meeting point, my sister said that bitch sent “If i didn’t find anyone there, I’ll throw the bag anywhere” …. I WAS LIVID.


I called her and was like “I’m here, where are you” honestly I was trying not to curse her and was holding myself not to punch her bitch-face when I see her. She came with a guy which I can assume for protection and I just pulled the bag off her hand aggressively without any word because I was too angry. I drove back to the salon again speeding because we were getting really late for the wedding.

Anyway, we reached the wedding later and my sister was happy. Everything worked out well after all that drama even though I honestly think that this bitch should’ve apologized for doing all this and also being really disrespectful.

What would you do if you were in this position ? Let me know in the comments.


The Time I Got Asked to Host a Radio Show

This might come out as a shocking post to the people who know me because this is totally out of my character.

I’ve been inconsistent in posting in the past 2 months as I mentioned before because of my work and recently I finally finished this project so this event happened during that time. We were updating all computers within the firm to Windows 10 and that took awhile since we had over 800 machines to work on, anyway this happened when I was working in the English Radio department.

As you may or may not know, I work in the Public Authority for Radio and TV so I work around studios and radio booths as everything related to this form of media goes through. I was working in the English Radio department as I mentioned and while I was working, there was an employee walking around helping me by opening the offices in that department so I can finish upgrading the computers faster by working on multiple machines at the same time. I’m a friendly person, I like getting to know people so I decided to start a conversation with this person and as the conversation went by, I asked him who chooses the songs for the radio.


The guy told me about two employees who chooses the songs and also hosts the radio shows they air regularly and they both aren’t Omanis, so the guy was amused in my interest in music and he said “Why don’t you create a playlist for us of 60 minutes” and honestly my eyes lit up from excitement.


If you know me, I’m addicted to music so I was REALLY happy when he asked me. I instantly agreed and we exchanged numbers so he can contact me later for the details and all because it’ll be like a part-time job for me. Later on he made me meet the managers and they asked me to speak to them in English so I did, they were impressed and all the sudden asked me to create a playlist and host a radio show with these tracks.


Obviously I freaked out because one of my fears is public speaking, I don’t know how many times I tried to escape presentations in college since I get nervous I sweat and talk too fast and I start shaking. Then they said they ALSO want me to read the news on the radio as well because apparently I have a good voice and accent for it, which made me MORE scared. They tried to calm me down by saying we’ll help you to develop that side of you, we really like supporting such talents and we believe you’ll do great with us.

And here I am now, confused about this whole thing because it’s out of my comfort zone. I really want to do it because of that reason actually, it’ll definitely build my confidence and also strengthen my character. Hopefully I’m going to start by creating playlists and we’ll see what happens from there.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


The Time I Created a Game

In the previous post, I mentioned that I want to return to developing games because recently I’ve been getting requests to finish a certain game and I honestly didn’t think it would have that amount of attention so let’s talk about The Game.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 11_36_59 AM

I started making this game as a joke and to vent my frustration from college so I’m ashamed to say it had so much vulgar language that I wouldn’t want my children to find it. I created it for me and my friends, and added them as characters in the game and used our actual conversations as dialogues in it.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 9_21_40 AM

So the main character Yuki was born from a weird conversation I had with my friend Sue and we thought why not use her in a game. We were brainstorming how Yuki should look like and we ended up choosing this chibi design.

The NPCs were regular Omani characters wearing abayas or dishdasha (Omani costumes) and the dialogues were a bit of stereotyping and I might get in trouble for it.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 9_24_58 AM

I hated this teacher so much for everything he made me go through and I had to make him in the game, I feel bad now that I’m older and seen these dialogues but I actually had so much fun creating this game.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 9_27_10 AM

My friends enjoyed it because of all the inside jokes and how I created the chibi form of them based on how they actually look.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 11_16_40 AM

So the game screenshots somehow ended up outside our friends group and I started getting tweets from people asking me about it and it was overwhelming because they were actually enjoying it, and asking me if I’ll continue making it.

Chronicles Of My College 15-Aug-17 9_29_37 AM

It feels nice going back to this game, it made me feel nostalgic and sort of miss college days … a little bit. When I ran this game earlier, it made me want to return to developing games as I mentioned in the previous post and I’m planning to do that.

Have a great day dear readers.



The Time I Met a Creepy Hairdresser

I mentioned before that I had a weird encounter at the salon before Eid in my previous posts so let’s talk about that. I made an appointment for hairdye, waxing and facial, and I’m already used to the ladies working there as they know exactly what I want so I trust them with my hair and skin.

Now I reached at 8 pm and proceeded to start with my hair, so while the dye settle in my hair, they could working on the other parts.


The lady who works on my hair is a beautiful Pakistani girl and she has the most gorgeous hair I’ve seen (This part will make sense later so keep that in mind)

While she was sectioning my hair to start applying the hairdye, some lady entered the room and I didn’t recognize her. Later she approached me saying hi and all, introduced herself as a new worker in this salon. I don’t want to comment about how she looks and sound shallow but I can say that I got a really bad vibe from her, also I started to notice that the Pakistani lady face started to change from smiling to annoyed.

giphy (1)

She tried to help my hairdresser but she was completely clueless about managing my hair so it was clear to me, she never done this before and I started to panic. In my head I was thinking “Oh god she’ll mess up my hair” Thankfully my hairdresser stopped her and told her just to hold my hair if she really want to help, and I can see that she was getting annoyed.

I tried to be friendly, asking what she’s specialized in and she said threading, facial and henna. If she’s clueless about hair that much, I’m scared to trust her with my face. While I was debating myself in agreeing to let her do my face, she started saying weird stuff.

Here’s how the conversation played out as they both were working on my hair..

Weirdo Lady: So where will you go after Eid ?
Pakistani Lady: Umm .. Dubai
Weirdo Lady: I’ll come with you, take me with you
The Pakistani Lady just smiled still looking annoyed.
Weirdo Lady: I’ll come with you to Pakistan as well but don’t leave me there alone, I’ll stay with you and your husband. You know I’ll just wrap myself on your car so I can always go with you and your husband
The Pakistani Lady still silent and pretending to be busy with my hair

Mind you, she was completely serious while saying those words and I was hoping she was just joking with her coworker. 

Weirdo Lady: (In Arabic) I really love this girl, too bad her husband took her from me. I want to be with her, I really love her.

My eyes just stayed wide open and I was about to shout WTF WTF WTF. The Pakistani lady looked confused because she doesn’t know Arabic well so asked me to translate and I was stuck on how to explain this .. weird .. person words. Honestly I got creeped out and understood why the Pakistani lady was annoyed and seemed uncomfortable around this lady.

I don’t know why I felt so uncomfortable around her and I just wanted her to go away, I don’t want to judge her but the way she talks was too creepy and weird. That’s why I left the salon without doing facial since I don’t want that lady to be anywhere close to me.

What would you do if you encountered all the sudden an inexperienced hairdresser in your favorite salon who’s making the other workers uncomfortable like this situation, I’d love to know what you guys think.