Games To Revisit In October

I have an annual tradition in October to play horror games since it’s the spooky season so I have a special list of games I always revisit. We don’t really celebrate Halloween in my country, the only reason we get excited about it is because Pumpkin Spice Lattes actually. I thought of sharing my list of games that I always revisit during this season and maybe you’ll give me recommendations to try out.


Neverending Nightmares (PC)

It’s an interesting game which is inspired by the lead designer of this game Matt Gilgenbach’s personal struggles with obsessive–compulsive disorder and depression. What I love about it is the art style, it’s hand drawn line art and I’ve never seen a game that uses that I think.


The game lacks dialogue so it leaves the player to interpret what’s happening as the story progresses. The game explores a depressed mind and showcases nightmares, and self-harm scenes which can be a bit gory. It’s a great game in my opinion and I recommend checking it out.

Dino Crisis 2 (PSone)


One of my personal favorite survival horror games and can I just say Regina’s hair is goals, seriously she made me want to have red hair like her. I played this game around the time I watched Jurassic Park movies so I was deeply into the whole dinosaurs gimmick back then. I still replay this game because it’s one of the PSone classics along side with Resident Evil and Silent Hill.


I wouldn’t consider this game to be survival horror as it has few elements that define it to be a bit more action adventure oriented at the same time. The gameplay is almost similar to Resident Evil, the camera angles are horrible but not frustrating like some games. The story is really interesting even though I didn’t play the first part to understand some points of the game but it’s not that hard to keep up, it’s an amazing game I highly recommend trying it out.

Siren (PS2)


I’ve played quite a number of weird games and this is one of them yet I still enjoy it. Japanese horror games were at its’ peak during the PS2 days and this one got my attention because of the unique graphics and creepy storyline.


The game uses the butterfly effect in mission objectives in each stage to progress into the next stage which is played out in the perspective of ten survivors.

Siren is set in a Japanese village named Hanuda. With strong religious beliefs important in the area, the locals like to keep to themselves and have sought to keep Hanuda isolated from the outside world. Following the interruption of a ritual near Hanuda, and a subsequent earthquake, the village teeters between time and space, with an infinite sea of red water replacing the mountainous territory. The crux of the story focuses on the efforts of Hisako Yao, the leader of the local religion, to resurrect or re-awaken a god through a ceremony. The ‘Siren’ of the title is the god’s call, summoning Hanuda’s residents to immerse themselves in the red water, thus creating an army of subordinates called shibito “corpse people”. The shibito then go about building a nest to house the god’s corporeal form once it is summoned, as well as killing and converting any remaining humans left in Hanuda.

These are the games I would recommend checking them out for October, I’m planning to make this a series for each month where I list three games from my gaming experiences since I played way too many games and I would like to share them.


1 Hour into Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom


Let me confess something before beginning this post, I’ve never watched Attack on Titan not a single episode at all so when I started this game I was absolutely clueless of everything related to the anime universe. Now you can imagine my face when facing a titan for first time and basically having that confused face of “Why the F there’re a huge naked weird looking humanoids, seemingly completely high devouring people ?” Now we got that part out of the way, let me say what I think of Attack on Titan the game.

The game is adapted directly from the anime so the story scenes were all taken from the anime and modeled in 3D and even the voices are the original Japanese voice-over with English subs which I would say more preferred choice for me.


What attracted me to the game mostly is the gameplay itself, the swinging using the omni-directional gear is so much fun. The only down side of it is when you get stuck between two buildings on the ground, so it ruins the camera directions and it takes quite an effort to be attached onto one the buildings and swing to be above the buildings level.

Moving on to the battle system, the controls aren’t that complicated and it’s quite easy to kill titans but obviously like the anime, there’re multiple characters to play as and to each has their own stats regarding battle skills.


Honestly I’m really enjoying this game, I’m quite interested in the anime now and I have so many questions regarding titans, those weapons used and of course .. WHY GAS ? 

If you want to read a review I wrote for website, you can check it here. I tend to go stay biased in such reviews but I write my own opinion in this blog since it’s my personal space. Do you watch the anime ? If yes how would you rate this game ?